Fujian province ShiXian food co., ltd
Fujian province ShiXian food co., ltd Others Malaysia Expo | Huiyuan International Exhibition Co. Ltd.
Fujian Shixian Food Co., Ltd., established in 2000, is a specialized food production enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. The company introduces domestic advanced equipment, from material selection to production to factory, strictly in accordance with the national production requirements. The factory takes bakery products as the core, and now produces bread products such as salted butter bread, hand torn bread, cedars, milk rolls, etc.; cakes include: salt cheese cake, salty cake, true perfect cake, fresh milk cake, Zhenxian cake, cheese cake, meat floss, etc. The company has professionals, in raw material procurement, product research and development, processing, testing, after-sales service has a high-tech team. The company adheres to the concept of ''Craftsmanship'', ''high quality and delicious'', and practices our brand-new production and sales management concept of ''quality grasping the source, service to the terminal''.      The company's main partners include: Yonghui system, Carrefour system, Century Lianhua, China Resources System, Tianhong system, Guoguang system, bofenglianhua system, Wumei system, jimailong system, RT Mart (Auchan) system, Zhongbai warehouse, Bubugao system, Jiahui system, Beiguo system, IKEA chain system, Tianfu convenience chain system, 7-Eleven convenience chain system, and the whole family Convenience chain, naturai, metro systems, laiyifen and other KA customers provide customers with high-quality products and services, provide consumers with safe, healthy and delicious food, and are committed to fully meet the needs of consumers for a healthy life.
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