APLE as the first professional private label exhibition in ASEAN countries, is committed to build a professional platform for the Southeast Asian market and creating an environment for zero-distance procurement. The goal is to connect private label suppliers, brand licensees, contracted manufacturers, start-ups and e-commerce platforms to ASEAN’s catering and retailing sectors. Find new products, make new connections, discover new ideas, and increase business profits!

Private Label abbreviated as PL, is also called as a distributor-owned brand. Private label products are those items or commodities that are produced by an external manufacturer but sold under the name of a retailer’s brand. The retailer here decides on the ingredients used in the product, it’s packaging and how the label will appear. A new retail revolution, led by private brands, is sweeping the world. As consumers' shopping habits evolve, many manufacturers and retailers now look at new distribution and retailing channels. D2C, Omni-channel Retailing, Mobile Retailing all boast with unique core competitiveness.

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, 3-5 Center
马来西亚吉隆坡国际会展中心, 3-5号馆

26 - 28 Novermber 2020

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