Fujian Lixing Foods Co, Ltd
Fujian Lixing Foods Co, Ltd Others Malaysia Expo | Huiyuan International Exhibition Co. Ltd. Freeze-dried strawberry chip FD strawberry dices Freeze-dried pineapple slice Freeze-dried instant soup with egg and laver Freeze-drie fig Freeze-dried raspberry whole FD yellow corn FD mango dice Freeze-dried red dragon fruit slice Kiwi flavour yogurt melt bean SD Oolong tea instant powder Freeze-dreid strawberry whole fruit FD instant tremella soup with red dragon fruit FD tremella soup with red dates and wolfberry FD tremella soup with brown sugar and longan Freeze-dreid snow pear tremella soup SD Pu'er tea instant powder Healthy matcha powder Spray-dried instant green tea powder Spray-dried black tea instant powder Strawberry flavour yogurt melt bean Blueberry flavour yogurt melt bean Freeze-dried blueberry yogurt chunk Freeze-dried peach yogurt chunk Apple slice freeze-dried Freeze-dried mango slice Freeze-dried durian chunk Freeze-dried yellow peach slices Freeze-dried organic banana chip Freeze-dried strawberry yogurt chunk
Fujian Lxing Foods Co, Ltd was founded on October 13rd, 2006 with a total registered capital of 54 million. We are Top 2 in China producing freeze dried foods. With 23 freeze dryers and 4600 squire meters of FD factory. And Focus on healthy foods R&D and manufacturing for over 20 years. Freeze dried foods including:
(Freeze dried fruits & vegetables
(Freeze dried yogurt
(Freeze dried instant soup
(Freeze dried noodle/porridge
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